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ReGen Power Systems, Inc.

Heat-to-Electricity Conversion

RSI Silicon, Inc.

Solar Grade Silicon Production

Second Wind, Inc.

Wind Monitoring


Fuel Cells/Hydrogen for Cars

Shell Oil: Future Mobility and Hydrogen

Hydrogen for Cars

Shell Oil: Future Mobility and Hydrogen: Q&A

Hydrogen for Cars


Extracting Oil from Tar Sands

Solar Design Associates—Building a Dream

Solar Home Technology


Genetic Engineering

SolarOne Solutions

Solar Lighting


Solar Material Production

State Senator Robert O’Leary

Clean Energy Speech

SunDrum Solar

Solar Collection System

The Energy Conservatory

Blower Door/Measure Building’s Air Flow

Varentec (Part 1)

Smart Grid

Varentec (Part 2)

Smart Grid

Wakonda Technologies, Inc.

Solar Structures and Materials

William Swope, VP/Director, Corporate Affairs, Intel Corporation

Clean Technology Industry Speech

Wilson TurboPower

Heat Exchanger/ Microturbine


Wind/Kite Power

World Gold Council

Nanotechnology/Electronics, etc.