Submission Guidelines and Recommendations

Your submitted information can be press releases, white papers, industry articles, case studies, testimonials, data sheets, presentations, demonstrations, webcasts, and other media regarding new usage, new concepts, new products, new services, and new applications. Please also check our privacy statement . Before publishing your information, we will review your material to ensure that it complies with our editorial standards.

If you are submitting a video to be published on our 'Showroom' page for a specific category (see 'Video Submissions' link below), please refer to our Copyright Notice. The upload limit for videos is 100 MB.

This site can be a portal to yours: We provide links to your organization's website and email links to the appropriate contacts in your company in case one of our site vistors has further questions. Please see these important notes regarding your submission.

"It's not about optimizing the presentation; it's about optimizing interaction. Your presentation or demonstration, though of high quality, should not just be a finished work, but an invitation to respond and interact."