Tell Your Story...

Although Newfangler's website is devoted to clean technology, Newfangler's video production services are available for organizations of any size and in any industry—from pizza to biotech.

Newfangler creates engaging videos so you can tell your story on your website. We specialize in 'informative' marketing techniques and knowledge transfer methods that promote follow-up conversations with your viewers.

We've produced successful videos for organizations such as MIT, The City of Boston, Cape Cod Hospital, Enernoc, Hydroid Underwater Robots, GreenFuel Technologies, Cape Wind, Next Step Living, Philips Lighting, The MIT Enterprise Forum, and many other small-to-medium sized companies.

Customer Testimonial: "The Newfangler video on GreenFuel Technologies Corp. has provided a wonderful opportunity for us to showcase our Emissions-to-Biofuels technology in an entertaining and understandable format. Since its publication, I save hours of time every week describing our technology in long email and phone conversations to potential customers, investors, and the press. I simply point them to the Newfangler website and wait for the compliments." - Marc Bane, Senior Marketing Advisor, GreenFuel Technologies Corporation - Cambridge, MA - see the video

We provide you with an easy roadmap to create your own video. Our production services start from conceptualization, scripting, directing, and narration through to field production, post-production editing, and processing file formats for web delivery on your website.