Newfangler's Investor Relations Center

Welcome to our Investor Relations Center: a place where entreprenuers can present information, where investors can review prospective business opportunities, and where people can meet and network to formulate new businesses that will develop the next generation of clean, renewable energy sources, energy-efficient systems, and improvements to our environment.

We hope this Investor Relations Center will help promote further economic development, create new jobs, and promote new growth opportunites.

Content can include such things as slide shows, videos, Flash demos, white papers, podcasts, industry articles, product advertisements, case studies, and other material.

Asemblon Bart Norton delivers a presentation to investors on Asemblon's new hydrogen fuel technology. — Newfangler Productions



SemGreen Tom Scrima delivers a business presentation to investors on SemGreen's plasma generator fuel cell and hydrogen technology for cars. — Newfangler Productions



Soane Energy Atul Thakrar presents to investors regarding Soane Energy's technology and methods for extracting oil from tar sands. — Newfangler Productions



nRadiance A business presentation to investors is given by Christopher Gintz of nRadiance, discussing the development of materials for solar cells, batteries, windows, etc. — Newfangler Productions



WindLift A representative from WindLift delivers an investor pitch regarding his company's developments in kite power. — Newfangler Productions



Helix Wind Ian Gardner pitches to investors about Helix Wind's technology for monitoring wind turbine performance and production levels. — Newfangler Productions



Bulane Isabelle Genoud of Bulane presents to investors about her company's water decontamination technology. — Newfangler Productions



Neohydro Dean Themy of Neohydro presents to investors about his company's water cleansing and electrode technologies. — Newfangler Productions



The Ignite Clean Energy (ICE) 2007 Business Presentation Competition (consolidated video of all presentations, etc.) is an MIT Enterprise Forum program for energy-related entreprenuers and investors. — Newfangler Productions



Promethean Power A winner at MIT's annual entrepreneurship competition, Promethean Power uses solar energy to generate electricity in the African nation of Lesotho.



Wakonda Technologies produces cost-effective solar photovoltaic (PV) products by combining the highest efficiency solar technology with low cost, roll-to-roll manufacturing processes. — Newfangler Productions



Bagazo processes biomass to develop environmentally-friendly cooking fuels for the poorest people in the world. — Newfangler Productions



Fiat Lux deals with microbial fuel cells in developing a small inexpensive electricity generator, harnessing energy from natural fuels. — Newfangler Productions



LightFace, concerned with green buildings and efficient lighting, manufactures customizable luminescent panels using organic light-emitting devices (OLEDs). — Newfangler Productions



Blue Sky Green Planet provides carbon-free credit cards, a green rewards retail loyalty program, and online sales of carbon offsets and renewable energy and energy-efficiency products. — Newfangler Productions



StarSolar produces solar cell materials, and has developed a technology to decrease the cost of producing solar cells from crystalline silicon. — Newfangler Productions



C3 Bio Energy manufactures renewable propane and hydrogen from biomass feedstocks. — Newfangler Productions



GreenRay is developing a plug-and-play solar electric system to simplify the design and installation of photovoltaic (PV) systems. — Newfangler Productions



Fox2 Technologies is developing new sensor technology to improve fuel efficiency in airplanes. — Newfangler Productions



RSI Silicon, Inc. is developing a unique ultra low-cost process for making solar-grade silicon for solar cells. — Newfangler Productions

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