Content Contributor Guidelines

Newfangler aims to provide its audience with quality content that discusses new and progressive technologies. We have established this brief guide to help our authors produce clear, meaningful, and interesting content that fulfils our users’ needs. Our guidelines cover Text, Links, Code, Assessment, Spellings, and Readability.

Check that your article meets the requirements explained in the Copyright Notice page.

  • Compile your article (word or .txt format only), along with any images (submitted as separate .png, .gif or .jpeg files no larger that 500 pixels wide) and supporting example files, as well as the personal information described below.
  • Please do not:
    • Insert unnecessary lines breaks in .txt submissions in an effort to wrap text
    • Submit your article in html format
    • Forget to submit your personal information (short bio) with your article
  • Keep your article truthful, passionate, and professional.
  • Deliver real value to readers. Provide relevant links, tips, and original ideas; reference other material where appropriate to substantiate the information in your article.
Text Content

NOTE: Articles that contain advertising for (including any links to) the author’s business, their website, or clients’ or affiliates’ website(s) will not be published on

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We will review every article submitted in accordance with these guidelines. Articles will be edited to meet Newfangler’s editorial and content standards.

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Criteria for Assessment

When assessing your article for publication, we will consider the following:

  • Is the article relevant to Newfangler readers?
  • Is the opening attention grabbing?
  • Have you used concise English that communicates clearly to readers?
  • Have you put yourself in the place of your readers?
  • Is the article interesting enough to make users read all the way through?
  • Is the main point of the article obvious?
  • Is the article well structured, with information categorized under appropriate headings?
  • Is the article Web-ready?
  • Does the conclusion finish off the article?
  • Does the article contain spelling or grammatical errors upon submission?
  • Are all links provided in the article accurate and do they work?

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Consistent Spellings

The following is a list of words that are commonly used in Newfangler articles, and which have several possible variations of spelling and/or capitalization. This list reflects the spellings we require in Newfangler articles:

  • Internet
  • website
  • Web
  • ecommerce
  • email
  • epublishing
  • ezine
  • site
  • Web page

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Make Your Article Web-Readable

Articles should be Web-ready upon submission to Newfangler:

  • Be succinct, short, and to the point
  • Break content into short, fast-paced paragraphs
  • Use sub-headings that help users scan
  • Use bulleted lists
  • Use hyperlinks

Include recommended formatting in your article (e.g., Bold your subheadings and keywords, format lists into bullets, etc.) to help us edit your submission.

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