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Understanding clean technology—that’s Newfangler. We attempt to help people understand clean technologies that support the development of clean, renewable energy sources, energy-efficient systems, and improvements to our environment; ultimately helping us to achieve energy independence, while improving the health and well-being of each and every one of us. We welcome you to join other 'Newfanglers' in our Social Space .

Showing people and organizations how these new technologies and practices can be applied to their day-to-day lives empowers them to make personal and business decisions and redefine their living environments. See our Showroom for videos, etc.

Our efforts comprise public awareness and education, investor relations, media relations, and marketing communications. See some of the latest news!

As a member of the MIT Enterprise Forum’s Energy Group, Newfangler has worked with organizations such as Cape Wind , GreenFuel Technologies, the MIT Energy Initiative, the Ignite Clean Energy Competition, the Clean Technology and Sustainable Industries Organization, The Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA), and the Massachusetts Technology Transfer Center .

Customer Testimonial: "The Newfangler video on GreenFuel Technologies Corp. has provided a wonderful opportunity for us to showcase our Emissions-to-Biofuels technology in an entertaining and understandable format. Since its publication, I save hours of time every week describing our technology in long email and phone conversations to potential customers, investors, and the press. I simply point them to the Newfangler website and wait for the compliments." - Marc Bane, Senior Marketing Advisor, GreenFuel Technologies Corporation - Cambridge, MA - see the video